Food Waste Diary APP

El mundo de las aplicaciones para el móvil entorno al universo del despilfarro alimenticio nos sorprende con cosas con esta. ¿Te imaginas que se pudiera hacer un “mapeo” de los desperdicios que ocasionamos personalmente como consumidores?:

Food Waste Diary helps you to record the food you throw away. You can specify your reasons for throwing something away and what type of food it is.

Optionally you can also note the price, take a picture or write a comment. The history view then helps you to understand and see what you have thrown away.

  • Record the food you throw away.
  • Create an awareness of what you throw away and waste less.
  • Track your food waste by reason and type, optionally picture, story, costs and story.
  • Know how much money you throw away.
  • Know which practices lead to food waste.
  • History of tracked food waste items with 3 different views (list, reason chart and pics).
  • History of own food items but also from other food waste diary users.
  • Easy to use and gorgeous!


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