Petición de alimentos

¿Sabes de tiendas, supermercados, restaurantes, productores en la ciudad de Madrid que tiren alimentos a la basura?

Avísanos e iremos a buscarla si está en nuestra mano.

Con ella damos de cenar a mucha gente que lo necesita en las noches de Madrid.


One thought on “Petición de alimentos

  1. I need to write in english as my spanish is too bad. Sorry for that!

    This is feedback to the AFP report about your movement:

    the idea behind this “comida basura” is awesome – the only thing you may want to change is to avoid “plástico basuro” when eating the stuff you collected.

    I know cleaning the dishes is so annoying and throwing a plastic fork away is so convenient but when you open your eyes you will see plastic waste everywhere.


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